Creative Education, Christian Values

A Wichita private Christian school with a unique, student-centered approach.

A Focus on Mastering Skills

Students are placed in levels based on their academic need rather than by age.


Freedom Preparatory utilizes the best in homeschool curriculum to provide a unique, hands-on approach to learning. We are unapologetically Christian and believe in education based in Biblical truth.

At Freedom Prep we believe that we have freedom as Americans to teach children in a way that works best for them. More importantly, we know that true freedom comes from salvation through Jesus Christ. We stand on the truth of God’s word in every bit of our educational experience and do not compromise based on societal standards of twisted theology.

The Freedom Prep Difference

“It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts but rather to teach them to think and if possible to think for themselves.” – Robert Hutchins

  • Life Preparation – students learn life skills such as financial literacy, writing a resume, cooking, laundry, interviewing, college selection and more.

  • Interest Exploration – we encourage students to explore their interests and seek internships in their potential career fields.

  • Learning By Doing – students learn better when they use multiple senses. We utilize curriculum that integrates sight, sound, and touch to help students understand concepts.

  • Service Minded – one of the greatest callings of Christ is to serve.

  • Safe Environment – our relaxed atmosphere provides a safe and comfortable place for kids to learn.

Our Model

We begin by assessing your childs strengths and weaknesses in order to correctly place them in a learning level rather than a “grade level”
Our model is simply a homeschool style learning environment in a classroom setting. We utilize homeschool curriculum and teaching methods to make learning engaging.
We have done away with traditional grade levels to ensure that our students learn at the pace that is right for them. Students may stay in a class level for one year, two years or sometimes three or may skip a level depending on what’s right for them.
Our goal is to create disciples for Christ among our students. We want to develop students into bold young people that know what they believe and are willing to share the good news of Christ’s gospel to those around them.

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